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Six years ago, my friend mentioned he would be taking a jewelry class at Silverworks, Glen Echo Park, and would I be interested.  I have a background in design (Philadelphia College of Art), and I was extremely interested.


In my late seventies, I have found a hobby that will sustain me for many years. Silverworks is only ten minutes from my home, and once you have taken classes, you can reserve time in the studio to work. Since the pandemic, Silverworks was closed, so I set up a studio in my home and now spend two to four hours working on this craft four to five times a week.


What I Create

Each piece is one of a kind and handmade.  It is very gratifying work, and I have made many new friends with the same interest. I am so thankful to have found this creative outlet.

Sky Blue


I believe strongly in having fun with your jewelry. Rings are an easy way to go a little bold without overpowering a look. Sometimes you want a statement piece and sometimes you want something simple.  It all depends on what your mood is and where you are going.

It is up to you. A smart way to decide what to wear is figuring out how you want to present yourself. Your rings say a lot about your mood and how you want to be perceived. You should always feel comfortable in what you have on.

Blue Field


Big hoops, small studs, earrings with movement and those that hang way down are all appropriate depending on the rest of your wardrobe and what you are going to do.  Have you ever noticed a news caster with dangling earrings and your attention is drawn to the movement and not to what they are saying?  A big, oversized pair of hoops may be fun for an evening out but not at the office.  Whenever you are speaking to others, you want the attention to be on what you are saying and not on what you are wearing.

Carrie G Collection #2


Here is a case where you can overpower your look.  A necklace should be an accent. A too-bold neckless can be perceived as the main attraction and it can look like it is wearing you!  That is not to say that there is a time and place where a bold necklace can enhance your total look without screaming “look at me”! It is all a question of balance.

Together #2


Now you can have some fun. Big and bold or small and simple are a matter of choice and should balance out what other jewelry you have on.  The one rule I suggest, quiet jewelry.  A wrist of noisy bangles is not only distracting to you but to those around you.

Always look at the whole picture. Does something jump out and make visual noise or do you see the whole person you want to see.  There are no set rules, just enjoy what you wear!

Men’s #7


Men’s jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years, embracing a wide range of accessories to express their personal style. A key trend in men’s jewelry is using Copper and Sterling Silver.

Esther Dayan
Esther Dayan
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Beautifully crafted, great looking pieces that are fun and easy to wear.
Lisa Reich
Lisa Reich
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Jeff Bulman designs are super high quality, one of a kind statement pieces that I will cherish and wear for ever!!
Reece Dennison
Reece Dennison
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Stunning and unique handcrafted pieces - he has something for everyone that you’ll surely love.
Richard Millstein
Richard Millstein
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I purchased a ring for my wife and she loved it

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